Identification of 7 Movements of the Human Hand Using sEMG - 360° on the Forearm

  • Adrian Ibarra Fuentes Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  • Eduardo Morales Sánchez
Keywords: Electromyography; gestures; classifier.


This document shows the identification of 7 gestures (movements) of the human hand from sEMG – 360° signals in the forearm. sEMG – 360° is the sEMG measurement through 8 channels every 45° making a total of 360°. When making a hand gesture, there will be 8 independents sEMG signals that will be used to identify the movement. The 7 gestures to identify are: relaxed hand (closed), open hand (fingers extended), flexion and extension of the little finger, the ring finger, the middle finger, the index finger and the thumb separately. 100 samples of each of the gesture were captured and 3 feature extractors were applied in the time domain (mean absolute value (MAV), root mean square value (RMS) and area vale under the curve (CUA)), then a vector support machine (SVM) classifier was applied to each extractor. The movements were identified and the percentage of accuracy in the identification was calculated for each extractor + SVM classifier. The calculation of the percentage of accuracy took into account the 8 channels for each gesture. 97.61 % accuracy was achieved in the identification of human hand gestures by applying sEMG – 360°.


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